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Table 1 Features of three web-based personal genomic data sharing projects

From: Challenges of web-based personal genomic data sharing

Name of the project Type of data they collect Goals
Consent to research (Portable Legal Consent) exome, whole-genome sequence, electronic health records or family history To create large datasets of user-contributed health and genomic data that are easier to re-use, to promote collaborations and innovation around health and genomic research
Free the data Mutation reports for BRCA1/2, a variety of health information To invite clinicians and individuals to donate their mutations and associated clinical data in order to be deposited in ClinVar and other open-access databases
Genomes unzipped (GNZ) Genotypes obtained from various genetic test providers, release of more data up to and including whole-genome sequencing is envisioned To use the data provided by participants and other GNZ community members both to perform scientific analyses and as a basis for communicating about genetics to a broader audience