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Table 2 Analysis of needs for increased integration

From: Integrated assessment of emerging science and technologies as creating learning processes among assessment communities

Integration dimensions Prevalence in case studies Assigned importance for further development
d) Not isolating one topic at the expense of the wholea Rarely done High
e) Explicating assessment framing Rarely done High
g) Targeted use of methods in assessments Rarely done High
i) Integration among assessments Rarely done High
f) Anticipation Varies Medium
h) Integration of stakeholders/the public Varies Medium
j) Integration of governance concerns into assessments Varies Medium
b) Inclusion of values into assessments Rarely done Medium
c) Inclusion of narratives into assessments Rarely done Medium
a) Inclusion of all areas of topics into assessments Varies Low
k) Better integration of assessment into governance Uncertain Low
  1. aUnderstood as problem-focused analysis