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Table 1 Cause-effect relationship between the intimacy of post modernity or late modernity and some of their related impacts

From: Transformation of intimacy and its impact in developing countries

Intimacy of Post/Late Modernity Mentionable Impact in Developing Countries
Confluent Love • Increasing divorce rate
• Increasing premarital relationships
• Increasing extra marital relationship
• Multiple simultaneous partners
Pure Relationship • Increasing divorce rate
• Increasing No-fault divorce
• Increasing step mother/step father family
• Challenges of children’s socialization
Plastic Sexuality • Fulfilling physical needs without marriage
• Fulfilling physical needs at anywhere, anytime
• Multiple simultaneous partners
• Postponement of marriage
• High risk of spreading HIV/AIDS and other STDs
Liquid Love • Tendency of changing partners
• Increasing divorce rate
• Increasing extra marital relationships
• Increasing single parent family
Normal Chaos of Love • Increasing divorce rate
• Increasing no-fault divorce
• Challenges of children’s socialization
• Domestic violence