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Table 2 Data organisation (non - eCRF)

From: The governance structure for data access in the DIRECT consortium: an innovative medicines initiative (IMI) project

  Accelerometer Diet Genomics Glucagon GLP-1 Glucose Lowering Glycemic Modeling Lipidomics Metabolomics Microbiome MRI Derived MRI Raw ProInsulin Prospective Metabolomics Proteomics Targeted Metabolomics Transcriptomics
WP2.1 X X X X X Drugs as Covariates X   X X    X   X X  
WP2.2 X X X X X   X   X X    X   X X  
WP3.2                X X  
WP3.3         X X         
WP3.5          X      X    
WP2          X         X