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Table 7 Model evaluation overall fit measurements

From: A socio-psychological model of laser levelling impacts assessment

Goodness of fit measureRecommended criterionObtained results of this research
Chi-square/degree of freedom (X2/df)≤30.69
Normed Fit Index (NFI)≥0.900.99
Non-Normed Fit Index (NNFI)≥0.901.00
Comparative Fit Index (CFI)≥0.901.00
Goodness-of-Fit Index (GFI)≥0.900.97
Adjust Goodness-of-Fit Index (AGFI)≥0.900.95
Root Mean Square Residual (RMSR)≤0.050.02
Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA)≤0.10.0001