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Addressing integrity challenges in research: the institutional dimension

Edited by: Prof Ruud ter Meulen & Prof Ruth Chadwick
Coming soon

Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI)

Edited by Ellen-Marie Forsberg

Digital epidemiology: how big data challenge ethics, society and politics in infectious disease surveillance

Edited by: Dr Carmen McLeod & Dr Brigitte Nerlich

Synthetic biology: How the use of metaphors impacts on science, policy and responsible research

Edited by: Carmen McLeod & Brigitte Nerlich

Continental philosophical perspectives on life sciences and emerging technologies

Edited by: Prof Hub Zwart, Dr Pieter Lemmens & Dr Laurens Landeweerd

ELSA & RRI - Ethical, legal and social aspects of emerging sciences and responsible research & innovation

Edited by: Dr Ellen-Marie Forsberg

Biobanks as sites of bio-objectification

Edited by: Dr Neil Stephens, Prof Nik Brown & Prof Conor Douglas

Data protection (Brocher Foundation workshop)

Edited by: Dr Jane Miller

Sport and Genomics

Edited by: Prof Arno Müller